Located in Baitao Town, Fulling by covering an area of 13 hectares, Beicang.816 Town has about 1.5 hours' drive from the main city of Chongqing. The core concept is to carry forward the feelings of home and country, practice rural revitalization and create an ideal life together. After two years of renovation and renewal, it has become a living town with a sense of the times.


After four years of practice and construction, it has achieved the co-prosperity of art and culture, with the co-existence of nature and architecture. It has won the First Batch of National Ideological and Political Course Industrial Culture Practice Education Bases, Chongqing Base of China Third Line Construction Research Association, Sichuan and Chongqing Industrial Culture Practice Base and many other honors, which has received national leaders and visited and exchanged with local administrative organs for more than 100 times.


It remains in a brick, a tile, a grass and a tree by recording the changes of the remembering years. Culture drive is to transform in awe, and to be upright in innovation. We are committed to opening this mountain ideal life picture with friends who share common values and historical identity.


Public Cultural Space


816 Exhibition Hall-Transformed from the original factory building through the re-narrative precipitation creation under the old building, it allows you to complete the baptism under the shuttle of many black-and-white photos, mechanical equipment, slogans of the times and original objects, then perceive the historical context and the passionate youth of the predecessors, so that everyone who arrives in the town will gain awe, love and touch.


Starry Academy-Transformed from the supporting warehouse of the original factory building, it tries to keep the original architectural style, open the floor-to-ceiling windows, enhance the lighting and vision of the whole space, make the environment and the building blend together. Sitting in the academy while meeting thousands of books in a wonderful afternoon, you can enjoy the sunshine outside the window, hawthorn trees in the courtyard and a pot of hot tea at the utopia of the soul.


Study Tour

研学参观是816小镇的亮点内容,通过聆听专业知识讲解,三线老爷爷讲故事、历史纪录片等形式,追寻历史记忆,传承红色基因, 感受这段非凡的共和国记忆。

As the highlight of the 816 town by listening to professional knowledge, third-line grandfathers tell stories and historical documentaries, you may pursue historical memories, inherit red genes and feel this extraordinary Republic memory.




The town can provide research classes, student apartments, collective canteens, farming experience and indoor and outdoor sports venues for 800 people. At present, it has received more than 1000 research activities, e.g., Party building and league building activities of enterprises and institutions, schools at all levels and various professional institutions.


Homestay Community



816 Town is a homestay community composed of three exquisiteness with different styles: Hawthorn Tree Homestay, Starlight Homestay and Starlight Courtyard.  It can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time, with 48 rooms and 82 beds.


Local Gourmet



The main dining hall can accommodate 1000 people at the same time by providing complete catering services for group building, expansion, research and tourism of all sizes. There are also Wuqi Restaurant, Song of Youth Restaurant and Courtyard Hot Pot with Sichuan and Chongqing characteristics, ecological organic and peasant flavor.


Parent-child Amusement



The town has rich and colorful space for parent-child activities, e.g., children's playground, farming experience, DIY handicraft, open-air camp and independent kitchen. In every winter and summer vacation, there are plentiful theme summer camps and winter camps, so that children can perceive the world and gain practice through education and fun.

北仓 . 816小镇

Beicang 816 TOWN



感知. 历史召唤,

探寻. 原真乡野,

走进. 大地艺术,


Years are quieter happiness because of the youth generosity.

Magnificent world because of young and progress.

Perception. Historical Call

Explore. Original Countryside

Walk into the earth art

We are waiting for you in the 816 Ideal Life Town.


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